A weekend trip to play in the local bridge tournament, was a chilling -3c the first morning and -2c the second. Didn’t get a lot of time for photography which is as well as I had one of the camera’s set at 1000 iso……

Stayed with John and Barbara (Mary’s Sister) who’s garden was still flowering so some reasonable photo’s.

The town itself is a pleasure to navigate and spacious, people are super friendly and make you welcome.

On the boarder of New South Wales the Macintyre River is quite picturesque. What we city folk don’t understand is that the fish are poisonous at the moment due to lack of rain washing and cleaning the river. This has ramifications all the way (1500km) down to the Murray basin in Victoria.

Finally a few of the Big Fish and Barb with Mary and the family dog. A reasonable weekend and an enjoyable break from the city.

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