QBA RiverFire

The Queensland Bridge Association recently had a weekend meeting of most of the Presidents of the clubs throughout the state and fortunately we have a member who’s company allowed us the use of their premises to view Riverfire. It was a great evening although difficult to take photo’s through glass I still managed a few memory nudging shots. I eve managed to take a few … Continue reading QBA RiverFire


A weekend trip to play in the local bridge tournament, was a chilling -3c the first morning and -2c the second. Didn’t get a lot of time for photography which is as well as I had one of the camera’s set at 1000 iso…… Stayed with John and Barbara (Mary’s Sister) who’s garden was still flowering so some reasonable photo’s. The town itself is a … Continue reading Goondiwindi

Shire Horses

Well here I am again after what seems like an eternity, I have had so many bridge tournaments on that I have neglected my passion for photography, A few weeks ago we had the chance to visit Strathgordon about 1hr form Brisbane to see the Clydesdale horses. I always have sad/happy memories doing this shoot as it was Gwyneth’s favourite animal and I recount the many times on … Continue reading Shire Horses

Auckland Zoo

Well here I am again at the Auckland Zoo, I always enjoy this as the exhibits are very well arranged. Unfortunately some of the animals were not available ore easily accessible to photograph but this will improve within the next year. The staff were milling around making sure you didn’t get lost or loose the opportunity to see the exhibits and their knowledge of their … Continue reading Auckland Zoo

Stradbroke Island

We set off at dawn to do a photo shoot on Straddie Island, here is a sample of morning. Last time I was on the island was with Phillipa, Mark, Vickie, Maddison and Brenden to scatter Gwyneth’s ashes so it was a bitter sweet experience. I think she would have been happy where we chose. This is a beautiful island and perhaps not visited enough … Continue reading Stradbroke Island