At last. Travel restrictions lifted

Well 2nd June saw the lifting of travel restrictions within Queensland. March 15th saw our decision to close the bridge club for a short time to see what was going to happen. Little did we know that we would end up in lock down for almost 3 months and little or no traveling other than to the shops. As I have had cataract problems over the last year or so I have done little or no photography.

During the lock down I had been earmarked to finally have my eyes fixed through the system only the day before they shut down all elective surgery to have it cancelled. I decided if I was to be housebound for the duration ( with no vision to speak of) I would put the operating cost on my bankcard and pay over the next year or so. At least after the op I have 1 good eye and can watch TV (for what that is worth) and play bridge on line….

The weekend after they announced the lifting of restrictions I headed up to the Hervey Bay area to a small (but fastly growing) township of Toogoom. A dear friend of mine and fellow photographer has just moved up there and casually said come up anytime…..knock knock. 


The best thing of the weekend was not only relief of escaping the boredom but also helping with the gardening of the new place. During the relaxing times I got to see a few interesting places as well.

Local bird and scenes

Finally a 3 day sortie came to an end but a welcomed break, and the knowledge of another place I hadn’t been to.


Finally the end is in sight for me to have the final ope on my eye so hopefully my next post will not be a long time passing.

I hope all Friends and relatives are surviving this Covid19 pandemic and trust you will take care of yourselves.

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