The start of an adventure

5.00 am start on Easter Saturday was not what was really needed, it was with a heavy heart after the last week that I started the beginning of which should be a great experience. Though customs and coffee in the Koru lounge I began to relax and unwind. Board the aeroplane and that was different. as we were pushed out to the taxi way the skipper pushed the throttle and lo and behold the engine stalled!!!! Be still o beating heart I said, this is only a hiccup. Well after about 1/2hr engine finally started we began to taxi. An uneventful flight (thankfully) saw us into Auckland bang on time.

Right for New Zealand

At the Sudima hotel (close to the airport) I settled to a quiet evening after dinner. Thought I would take it easy and have a lamb shank and a red wine for dinner. Lamb shank was more like a side of lamb, but the NZ is renown for their sheep.

Tomorrow all being well weather permitted am off to the zoo…..not to stay but take photos.

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