San Cristobal to Isabela via Floreana

Another boat ride for the island of Isabela with a stop off at the island of Santa Maria (Floreana o Charles) was the aim of the day. It is about 21/2 hrs to Floreana then another 21/2 to Isabela.

The  swell was quite large at times and the skipper did a good job of keeping to the better waves. On the way we encountered a pod of about 10 or so dolphins that were quite happy to surf the bow wave and after about 20min tired with us and went on their way and we on to Isabela. I fell in love with Isabela as it is a secluded island of about 1000 inhabitants and very little tourists. We landed on post office bay and walked to Black beach though a resort of six beach villas….Snorkeled there for about 1 hr before heading back and having a meal in the village. Then on to Isabela. We had hoped to see some whales on the way but unfortunately there were none to be found, we did however see a Manta Ray leap out of the water twice and no it wasn’t the Pilsner. Arriving on Isabela we had a quite walk around the Villamil before heading to bed to face the next day.


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