Rossington with Cousins

Rossington! well where does one begin. This is the place that I was born and raised in so I have many memories that are deep rooted. It was interesting that even  though I spent my formative years until joining the Airforce I found the place to be very small and dismal.

My cousins live here and to be honest I would probably not have visited if it were not for them. I did have a good time with them though. St Michael’s church possibly holds the most memories from my days of being in the choir with the house on Gattison lane where I lived for 15 years. Even though I strolled around the village I did not meet anyone I knew.

The pit has been demolished and housing is being built on what used to be the slag heaps. Funny though a day or so after leaving the village the construction had to stop for an unexploded bomb was found. (it wasn’t me!!)

Elaine, Colin, Claire, Samantha, Calum and Phil certainly made me most welcome. I saw a sign whilst being driven around which said Yorkshire Wildlife Park……sceptical me said that I have no doubt it would be a grotty little place. How wrong can you be!!! It was one of the best parks I have visited with more work still being done on it. A credit to the management and owners and if anyone is in the area the should take time to visit. Enjoy what I saw.

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