Ringwood with the Stadie’s

Well after over 6 weeks of travelling I ended up at Hannah and Dave’s wedding, one of the main reasons for my travel. I got an  invite just over a year ago and as I have been a friend/brother/mate to Richard and Sue, her parents, I could not miss the opportunity of being here for quids. Hence my trip of a lifetime.

The event took place between my visits to Rossington and  then Scotland. I then travelled down to Ringwood to see Richard and Sue and Daughters Erika and Noema. Richard and I have been friends since we were about 11 and even as the years pass by we can carry on a conversation as if we have never been apart. I truly feel like I am a member of the family and as such am treated so.

We were to visit the Jurassic coast but the weather was so good I managed to persuade Rich that it was far more important to demolish his garage than to go gallivanting across the countryside!!!! A long and fruitful day saw great inroads to the extension of the house. (could be finished by the time I return!!)

I did however take a trip to where the “Hovis” ad was filmed, always thought it was filmed in the North of England only to discover that it was filmed in Shaftesbury. A heartfelt thanks for the hospitality of all the Stadie clan.

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