Singapore to Home ……Brissy

Well in my itinerary was a couple day stopover in Singapore to get me over not only the jet lag but also to prepare me to what played ahead. Unfortunately Phillipa died before my trip which was not only hard to carry on (she did insist that i did though) but to also pick up the threads of what was left behind. I am looking forward though to seeing Mark, Maddisen and Brenden though to see how they are getting on with life.

I have without doubt had the most amazing journey, meeting with many acquaintances and making many new friends. Phillipa always said that she did not think that I would unwind enough to be there real me but I hope that I have proved her wrong.

Arrival into Singapore was a bit amazing, I got the only taxi driver who travels at half the speed limit and in two lanes….took nearly an hour to cover a 20 min trip!¬†Singapore I still think that this is one of the best places to visit even though after over 12 years since the last visit the changes have been unbelievable. When I was last here it was with Evelyne, Brian. Graeme and Gwyneth when we consumed a lot of Singha beer and champagne….was a great time. Had a few though to commemorate the event. I have been bitten with the travel bug though and can see me travelling to the UK again next year via friends in Texas and in the meantime I see NZ and Angkor Wat on the horizon. Hope that you enjoy the few pictures I took as one day was raining most of the day so little time to work with the camera however did manage to get some walking in.



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