Strathgordon Photo Shoot

Well it has been a long time between posts, I have been honing my skills on Lightroom even though I have done some other shoots.

In the next few weeks I will be updating and even revisiting my holiday to show some hopefully better photos. The photos in this post are with my new camera a Sony A7R2 which I am awestruck by. I was fortunate that a friend (Geoff) has also got the same camera so he lent me one of his better lenses for the day. The camera will adapt my Nikon mount lenses but the only downfall is that I do not have auto-focus, this is not much of a problem with the 50mm prime and 90mm macro but you can imagine the hassle with the 600 and 800mm however the Sony has a few tricks that you can utilise.

The house, trees and foliage are all with the 600mm on a monopod.


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