Machu Picchu revisited

A little over a year ago I left the Galapagos islands and headed for Machu Picchu, the journey from Cusco to a town called Ollyantaytambo  On the way there I got my first view of the Andes and what a awe inspiring sight the range is.

A few interesting villages on the way and some interesting taxi cabs!!! These are the only transport affordable for most of the locals.

After a drive of a little over 2hrs we boarded  the train and set off  for the village of Machupicchu town. The track hugs both the river and the mountains so the scenery again proved beautiful. The river is Vilcanota and eventually joins into the Amazon some many many miles away.

After an evening of rest and anticipation I headed down into the town to where one takes a bus ride up to the Machu Picchu site. Not for the faint hearted I might add, some of the most interesting hairpin bends and glimpses of the site of Machu Picchu eventually brought us to the entrance. It is at this point one has to don one’s hat to Hiram Bingham for bring this most glorious site to the attention of the world. Often described as the finder of the “lost world” is in fact not correct as there were local people living at the site and still farming the area.

Walking through the ruined gate takes one’s breath away when you see the enormity of the site. Inch perfect walls that you cannot even get a cigaret paper in, all carved by hand those many years ago. I had a guide, Jimmer was an incredible one on one tour of the lower area was well worth it. (Condor travel 5 stars) The second day I was left to myself and I decided that the Inka Bridge was worth the effort. Carrying the back pack wasn’t too bad and I was quite elated when a few (poms) in the early twenties offered to help me. Do not ever say that youth do not care. I declined and after 1.1/4hrs arrived at the summit. The views up are awesome and well worth the effort. On my decent I was unfortunate pull my calf muscle which impeded me a little….what it did though made me realise the splendour of where I was.

But view for yourselves!

Well after two incredible days It was time to leave the township of Machupicchu but not before a few shots of a stream and a couple of buildings…….

Next stop Iquazu falls.


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