Chichen Itza


On the second day in Mexico Noema stayed poolside whilst I had a trip out to the historical site of one of the Mayan cities of Chichen Itza. On the way we stopped off at on of the many sink holes that are located in this part of Mexico. There is a labyrinth of interconnecting caves and underground rivers that make it a major destination for the sport of caving.

After a meal and short break we then travelled on to see the destination of the Mayan ruins. A bitter sweet experience as due to the ravages of time and human intervention the only viewing was from roped off areas so you could not get a look inside any of the buildings or even walk to the top of them. I can understand the governments stance of protecting the ruins but in the same breath I condemn them for allowing street traders in an heritage listed site making it almost impossible to enjoy the area without being hassled by the traders. DSC02851

Jose Raul Cituk Gaytan our guide more than compensated for the inconvenience with a well educated description of the site and I can highly recommend that if you can get on his tours then do so.

An amazing race of people and well worth the visit.

One thought on “Chichen Itza

  1. I don ‘t quiet often read comments,, but I am glad to know about what you wrote,and I am happy to know about you, hopefully you come back some Day to this place, have a nice time.
    Kind regards.
    José Raúl Cituk Gaytán


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