New Zealand South Island


This was to be an interesting trip as I was carrying my new camera Sony Rx10m4 and my usual A7r11. The reason for this is that it saved weight with not carrying a 600mm lens, so lets see what can happen!!!!

I arrived Christchurch on a cloudy afternoon but pleasant temperature, After picking up the hire car a short drive to Springfield and to see the Busch family.

Graeme and Sarah looked in great health and happy with their new location and the kids were as ever full of life and energy, and I spent a relaxing evening prior to the trip. One of the first things that I noticed was the amount of Bumble Bees that were

The sunrise next day was a precursor in to what the day had in store and a I set off with what was to be a beautiful drive……. I thought

Next stop was to be Greymouth via Arthurs Pass the scenery here was very much a reminder of Canada.

Arthurs Pass was to hold a most beautiful vista, however as I neared the pass the weather started to darken and then we hit nothing but cloud and rain. This was to be the norm for the next few days unfortunately.

Still Greymouth was interesting and I managed to see Coal Creek Falls which was an easy amble even in the rain.

From there I headed up to Punakaiki to look at the blow hole at Pancake rocks which I could imagine at the right time would be more spectacular than I saw.

As the day drew to a close the sky lightened a little so there was a glimmer of hope for the morning, and as I woke the view was so……

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