Ministry Of Transport & Telecommunications (MOTAT)

The last day of my trip saw a very overcast and showery day that gave me the chance to re-visit MOTAT which I had visited years before. It seemed to be a bit lighter on the exhibits but nonetheless an enjoyable day. I had written notes and names of subjects that I had photographed but alas I mislaid so apologies to those who would like more descriptions.

My subject picture is a trip down memory lane. The Avro Lancaster was a valuable aeroplane that featured in many missions in the second world war and beyond as a anti-submarine tracker. The one featured was given to NZ from the French who used it in the Mediterranean and New Caledonia.

The Avro was the last piston engine  manufactured by them and the next aircraft to come of the drawing boards and made was non other than the Vulcan bomber (my all time favourite aeroplane) an amazing leap.

MOTAT Aircraft

MOTAT Technology

Auckland Airport

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