Memories of Past Photos

Last post for the year as I go though the last few years of photos that I was fortunate to take on some of my trips. The sites that they are from are New Zealand, Kingfisher Bay and various spots around the Brisbane area.

The lace monitor was a typical event that one should always be prepared for, (I was not) and had I had my telephoto lens wiht me I could have got better shots of it, it was taken on the way you Purlingbrooke Falls early in the morning and I was as surprised to come across it and I am sure that it was also startled to see me.

Next year I would hope that the trip though South America, Canada the UK will see a better quality of views and subjects. Have a great New Year and look forward to seeing most of you.

Some of the photos have names as to what they are. Some of the birds I do not know so if anyone can tell me what they are then I will update.

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