Well folks here we are on San Cristobal Island, the first stop of the tour. We left Quito on a short flight 45min to Guayaquil (a coastal airport) to pick up more passengers for the Galapagos. 1.1/2 hrs later saw us on San Cristobal and the capital Puerto Baquerizo Moreno on the southern tipoff the island.

We were met by our guide Ernesto and after a quick check in at the hotel we met the final a 2 people to take the group up to 7. After a short briefing we went for a introductory tour of the port on the way to see how well we all could snorkel.The town was full of sea lions as shown wiht the photos. Whilst swimming and  5 min of lumbering around struggling with my mask letting in water, I was chaperoned by a local sea lion….yes you read right. This was an amazing start, the turtles and an array of fish. After this we went back for a well eared Pilsner and meal after which I was still working on getting my Nikon dry and as I type it is sat in a bed of rice trying to get the last of the moisture out.

The next day we were picked up to head out to a place called Kicker Rocks which is the wall of an extinct volcano. The group (minus myself) went snorkelling with the local sea life….Hammer Heads, Turtles, Sea Lions among many. I stayed on board trying to extract the last bit of moisture from the camera and it looks like that it has been successful with some photos taken with it but I will give it another night in the rice to make sure. As the swell became quite strong the group was called in and we headed off to a secluded beach. 8 people on a deserted beach was unreal. We strolled around for a while with the local wild life (birds predominantly) and the headed back to the boat. On the way we stumbled upon the Scorpion Fish just on a little outflow to the sea. Awesome!!!!! Lunch was then served on the boat before heading back to harbour for a well earned beer.

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