Vancouver Day 1

After traveling from Iguazu some 28hrs, i finally arrived in Vancouver. I knew this was not going to be a smooth part of the leg as I realised when I was in Lima that I had forgotten to get my Canadian visa….finally in Sao Paulo with only minute left on the lap top battery I achieved success. On arrival at the hotel I was told that I was not booked in for the 4 days that I had arranged! The staff at the hotel were superb and managed to get me a penthouse spot for 2 nights (there are many conferences on at the moment). Another hotel just around the corner was arranged for the other 2 nights and then back here for the final night before the train ride. (Excited about this as the mountains still have quite a bit of snow on them).

My first day was basically just an ambling day finding my way around the city and where I want to visit. Stanley park will be a whole day as there is also the aquarium located there as well. Sunday the park is closed for a fun run so better to go on Saturday. The hotel is just across from a stadium which hosts ice hockey, football and lacrosse! Temperature is about 10c and i had to buy a beanie as my brain (yes i do have one) was aching with the chill factor. Some views of the first day.


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