Vancouver day 2,3&4

Well the last couple of days have been more an unwind than a photographic bonanza, I spent the whole of Saturday walking down to Stanley park and even though the gardens were not at the best at this time of the year it was still worth a look and the exercise.

Sunday the park was closed and most of downtown Vancouver was cordoned off due to a fun run….two words that really do not go together well. 41,000 took part and I decided that the best thing for me to do was to have a pleasant round of golf!!! Was lucky to get with 3 Canadians who enjoyed the golf without being too serious and after the game spent a few hours tasting the local brew. Amazing people as they would not let me buy a round. Thanks guys for the hospitality.

Today has been a walk and ferry day across to the maritime museum and the space centre which was well worth the effort. Tonight we have a meeting in the hotel about the Rocky Mountaineer which I am looking forward to.

I must give a last kudos to the Georgian Court Hotel as I am back there tonight, the service I got and assistance was truely outstanding and I cannot thank them enough for their help. First rate hotel.


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