Lake Louise, Banff to Calgary.

We left a cold and misty Lake Louise the next morning (see header photo) to our final destination of Calgary. We drove back to have a look at the Spiral Tunnels which were carved through the mountains to reduce the gradient of the line. The original rail was 2.1/2 the slope that was considered safe. It took 1000 men 2 years to construct.
From there we drove through Kicking Horse Canyon (this was the alternative to the original train long ago) and into YoHo national park. Here we stopped at Natural Bridge Falls & Hoodoos before heading off to Emerald lake then into Banff.

Unfortunately it was a rainy introduction and stay in Banff and whilst the town is beautiful I did not get too many pictures of the area. After a stay of a day we then start to meander through the last of the Rockies and with the change from the vista of the mountains we hit the plains into Calgary.

The last event we had before hitting Calgary was a detour to Kananaskis to have 12 minute trip on a helicopter with a look at the are from above. Again we were lucky that the weather just gave us enough time to get 3 flights of about 18 people in total, to have the experience of seeing part of the Rockies from the air. Finally and sadly as it brought to end a fantastic experience of having some amazing views and meeting some wonderful people. My heartfelt thoughts and wishes to all that travelled.

Calgary for a night and half a day was enjoyable as it is a modern but pleasant city. I was lucky to catch up with Harvey and Deb (Galapagos friends) for dinner at with them at their place in the evening and a stroll the next morning around town before heading on the next part of my trip to see family and friends in England

Canada will see me again I am sure.

One thought on “Lake Louise, Banff to Calgary.

  1. Hi Kevin,
    I was beginning to wonder if you were alright, as your last post was on April 25th, so I was very pleased to see your post this morning with the beautiful photos of the last of the Rocky’s & in the group photo delighted to see you looking very healthy – as usual – Many thanks for sharing the beautiful photos of your travels, they are terrific also with your descriptions of the places & great people that you have met, you must have had a very enjoyable time. All the best in your visit to the UK.
    Reg King


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