Christmas in Attleborough

Well here I am in the UK with my Sisters in Norfolk and Suffolk for the festive season and the very 1st time we will have spent Christmas day together i think. Below are memories of the few days leading up to the 25th and some interesting places I visited.

Ely Cathedral, built about 673AD as an Abbey it was given the status of a cathedral in 1109 is an imposing site and I would have loved a drone to have captivated it better, as the spread of houses does not give one the opportunity to photograph it glory to the full. Unfortunately the timing was such (and the cost to visit it in its entirety) that I could only muster a few shots. A beautiful place to visit though.

Next day was a visit to Wymondham Abbey (pronounced windham) founded in 1107 this has had many changes to it over the years and would have looked very imposing in its hey day in the 1500’s showing both Saxon and Norman architecture. On the way to the Abbey there is Thomas A’Beckett’s chapel.

Christmas eve was a vist to St Mary’s in Attleborough to celebrate midnight mass. Again historical document allude to the possible church being founded as far back at 856 but the building now was built around 1100. A grade 1 listed building it has many artefacts and the screen is considered one of the most precious possessions of the English churches. A reasonably pleasant Mass finishing at 1.15am saw us celebrating Christmas Day. All in all a lovely start to my holiday and a magic christmas day with my Sisters.

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