Rossington and local area.

Well here I am in Rossington again, I must admit that were it not for my Cousins I would not really revisit my place of birth and formative years, a coal mining village which always was dreary and not very memorable in my mind. However it was home. Discovered that there was a Roman fort here before the village was founded.

The visit was with my 1st, 2nd and 3rd (the newest) cousins who always give the warmest of greeting that you could ever wish for. They also are dog people and the 2 that I have taken the most pics of remind me so much of two of my dogs who are no longer with us. Down at the bottom is Lena-Rose who is now 6 months and she was a bundle of Fun.

Managed to visit Conisbrough Castle and I was amazed to find that the church of St George that I had walked past many many times has now been appointed a Minster. (this is so that Doncaster can apply to be a city not a town. An interesting point is within the Minster is one of the only 2 surviving organs which I was fortunate enough to hear playing. It is in need of repairs as one of the keyboards does not work. Cost to repair 2.5M GBP and because of Brexit the German (and EU) companies are not keen to fund……well done England.



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