London & Sean’s Birthday

  1. When I started planning this trip, the hardest choice I Made was not to have Christmas with Sean and his family, i wanted to be there for His birthday and the only way that i could achieve that was to stay with Sisters first. Still here we are down in London with Sean, Akashia, Olivia and Hudson, what a great opportunity for fun. Managed to spend time with Olivia going ice skating (her not moi) and visiting the Natural history museum.Bit of a whammy there as there was the 2016 Photographer of the year display on which we both enjoyed to the full. Managed not to swear in front of Hudson, 2 year old can pick up the words super fast). I did however (to Akashia’s wrath) teach him to say Balderdash and Poppycock….pre school will love that.

Sean’s birthday was a hoot, a great dinner with wonderful company and excellent wine. Back to Sean’s afterwards to sample some Irish and Scottish brews!!!! Too much to tell and better kept quiet. I apologise about the quality of the Birthday photo’s, forgot the flash so was shooting on high ISO so hence the grainy effect.

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