Dubai and Abu Dhabi


On leaving the UK and family i arranged a couple of days in Dubai to unwind and get some warmth back into the body. The newness of this land is quite amazing when you look at the land that they have built on and the problems associated with it. You realise that most of the buildings are new and the reason for that is the sand and salinity of the water attacks the concrete and foundations so they have had to use special treatments to get longevity from the products. Where they used to get a minimal lifespan the now get 100’s of years. The weather was good but hazy, what i thought was heat haze turns out to be sand in the air as well.

For those who do not know and understand the muslim way of life I also learnt that it is not a law that the females have their faces and head covered it is just a practice. Also the reason that the majority wear black is that this material is the cheapest, however they can cost  many thousands of dollars with the ornate designs that some have. The headless of the men is also an interesting item in that the material can be wrapped around the head at least twice and you can still see though. (a great help in the sand storms) The black ring that is also on their head is not to keep the head dress on but to be used to tether the camels front legs together so that they cannot run away.

I did a river cruise dinner on the evening and was amazed at the beauty at night of the area. We were also entertained by a dancer with a lighted tunic and robe.

I also maged to travel up to Abu Dhabi on the last day that I was there to have a look around. The amount of building going on is incredible and I can see that this is definitely going to be the hub of travel destinations for years to come.

One thought on “Dubai and Abu Dhabi

  1. Hi Kevin, you surely made the most of your couple of days in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. You surely missed a lot too mate, I guess with the time available you really did well. – The Mosque in Abu Dhabi has only the finest materials built into it from around the world – Yes, and the wool for the floor coverings are from New Zealand – although the woolen floor coverings were woven in Germany – The outstanding statues of the horses outside the Sheiks Hotel in Dubai and the fabulous Fish Tank in the shopping centre in Dubai. Anyway perhaps you may have seen them. Enjoyed seeing the photos you took. All the best, Reg


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