Vancouver to Kamloops Rocky Mountaineer

Well a quick trip over the bay to the Astronomy museum and a trip on the funny little ferry again before getting on the Rocky Mountaineer.

The train was the first of the season and a Piper started the proceedings as we boarded the luxurious train for the first leg to Kamloops. I learnt that whilst the cabins were wonderful to admire the view it wasn’t the best to try and take though the glass, hence some of the pictures are a little blurred or reflections by the glass.

I do not often take videos but there are a three that show what the vista was like. Also there are a couple of the bald eagle and a moon shot at Kamloops. Kamloops could best be described as a town like Rockhampton, a sprawling cattle town.DSC02003-1a.jpg-34DSC02003-1a.jpg-33DSC02003-1a.jpg-31

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