Tooloom Falls

Well on Friday the 23rd the group went on a 2hr drive south into Northern NSW to photograph the Tooloom Falls. I always tell people that the first thing you should do is check your settings, SD card and batteries and guess what, a cursory view of my setting all seemed OK. NOT to be, the settings had changed, shot in jpeg (never do its either Raw or Raw + jpeg) focusing was out slightly so a wasted day on my part. One of the members also had an accident that ripped her leg open, she is now reasonable OK on last taking.

Still I then decided that this morning I would return to the falls to complete what I wanted to do. Its a beautiful drive with about 10 – 15km though the forest with the bell birds in full voice. Worth slowing down and having the roof open, was a little ground mist and managed one shot before it went away. The amazing thing is that the water flow in 3 days had dropped immensely but was still at a point of pleasurable photography. If anyone wants to visit it is worth contacting the news agent in Urbenville to check if there has been rains so that the trip isn’t totally wasted.


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