Jasper to Calgary

Well after the train ride and adventures along the way it was time to head to Calgary via Banff then on to the UK. We stopped at the side of the road on the way to Banff to view the spiral railway which was an amazing feat of engineering. Undaunted by the steep incline to get over the range they built this amazing tunnel.

Then we headed off towards Banff stopping to admire a few more places below.

Banff was a bit of a disappointment in that it was raining and quite miserable but you could understand the beauty of the place.

On the way into Calgary we stopped to have a heli ride which was great fun and I have a few video clips at the end.

Calgary was inviting and very friendly and I managed to catch up with friends that I met in the Galapagos Isles.

Looking back on wonderful memories makes one want to do the whole thing over again.

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