Brisbane to Ballina


On Friday last the photo group decided that it would be good to go down to Ballina to have a look at the Maritime museum, I decided that I would try to do a dawn shoot at Fingal Head weather permitting. Off at 5.15 I managed to get to the heads just before the sun broke though. Even though it wasn’t as good as some days I enjoyed the peace and tranquillity of the sunrise.


Fingal Head is called the giants causeway of the coast and you will see by the Basalt rock formation that this is similar to the Irish/Scottish namesake.


Instead of hitting the freeway to get to Ballina I decided to amble the old highway and coast road, a beautiful drive and less traffic. I stopped off at Byron Bay to do a few shots (with few people around) before getting to Ballina.


Then to Ballina. Met up with the group at the Maritime museum and meandered around looking at the exhibits. A little disappointing as most of the model boats were under glass so virtually not photographable. Part of the exhibits was the Las Balsa raft which sailed from Equador to Australia back in 1973, the longest drifting journey achieved at the time.   It was a pity that more space couldn’t have been allowed to this from a photographic standpoint.


The time came that we had to head home and we had just one more stop on the side of the road to enjoy the coastline at Pat Morton lookout before heading back to Brisbane. Love the glistening of the sun on the ocean. Should think about moving down to this part of Australia…….


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