Gympie Photo Shoot


Well Friday the 2nd Feb it was decided that we would visit a couple of photographers up at Gympie to do a couple of sites that would give as something worth the journey……it did nothing but rain all the day! However my thanks to Gary Guest and his mate for a day of their time.

On the way to the main shoot we stopped off at a quaint little animal sanctuary and even though it was wet we managed a few pictures. The main problem with these places is that the wire cages and perspex/glass covers make it very difficult to get 1st grade pictures however I am happy with the results.


After the sanctuary we headed off to a farm that was a collector of dairy machinery and old farm gear.

The main purpose of the trip was to photograph the Dickabram Bridge before its restoration and we were hoping to get there before the scaffolding and the hoardings went up. The opposite side of the bridge photographed has the most brightest red hoardings, so was hard to conceal.


And finally before setting back we went to an old cottage, all in all a great day considering.

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