Doubtful Sound

After an evening and a morning on Milford Sound it was time to head into Te Anau  for the night before heading off to do a repeat on Doubtful Sound. Te Anau was a typical holiday town on a beautiful lake with an interesting wild life sanctuary. Unfortunately like most sanctuaries there is much wire to photograph though so it did not do the birds justice, however well worth a visit.

In the morning it was a short drive from Te Anau to Manapouri where we crossed the lake to West Arm (next to the hydro electric power station) where we then bussed to the mooring point of Doubtful Sound. The road down to the Sound wad built specifically for the building of the pipeline that goes between Lake Manapouri and Doubtful Sound and is an interesting drive.

Once on board the Fiordland Navigator the scenery was again awe inspiring as was Milford. asked to chose between the two would be a very difficult choice, Milford dramatic and higher mountains but Doubtful is much more open and tranquil.  I sit on the fence…..enjoy the scenes……..

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