Kaikoura & Christchurch.

On Well the last two days were kind to me for the weather and also the venues that I went to. Kaikoura (which was hit by an earthquake in 2016) was an interesting site to visit to see the damage (and repair) to the area, the seabed has been raise up and the effects are quite stunning..

A walk along the beachfront gave a good chance for some photos

On the way back from Kaikoura we stopped by the roadside at a place called Tormore and an interesting  building, is this a station? or a delivery point?……

My last day was to Christchurch and to see the progress since the 2011 earthquake. I was pleased to discover that the Cathedral is to be rebuilt to its former glory, and the temporary Cathedral was a pleasing sight to see.

A few street scenes and street art as we ambled around. Statue of Robert Scott also before heading to Container Mall

Container Mall (now no longer)  was created to help traders and to try to bring a bit of normality out of the disastrous earthquake and I am sure it gave a shot in the arm to the local community.

Finally we ended up at the botanical gardens which were a delight, to all gardeners and efficianodo’s of flowers I give no names as I am a bit of a Neanderthal when it comes to variegated weeds. The do look nice though. On a foot note some of the bees were enormous and boy could we do with them over here.

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