NZ week 2 Cape Reinga

Well the week in Whangarei flew by in more ways than one so it was time to head off up to the Northlands to see Cale Reinga. An overcast day with the odd shower didn’t dampen my spirits to enjoy the countryside and eventually I stopped at  little village of Kaihu which like many other places was quite beautiful.

My next stop was to be the Kauri forest to view Tana Mahuta but unfortunately the rains got harder and I decided to press on to Ahipara via the Hokianga Harbour. (second largest next to Auckland)

The weather picked up enough to have a beautiful View of the harbour an the ferry over.

Having rested at the Ahipara holiday park it was an early morning start to explore.

On to the cape!

That evening back at the holiday park I played with the camera to see what I could do for a night shoot and I almost got a couple of reasonable photos and was looking forward the next evening to do corrections. As if the weather clamped in again.

Next day, a run out to Paihia and a look at the Haruru falls. Another early start and a 2C temperature gave a nice chance for some more picks.

My intention was to travel down the east coast from Paihia but as I missed the Tane Mahuta I decided to venture the same way back to get a view. Was well worth the decision even though a few showers I was privileged to get a couple of good shots before the NZ government stop people nearing the trees due to possible damage from contamination…..not a lot of comment though as they can only afford NZ$2M to combat the disease. Wow did deep.

From here I went through a place called Gumdiggers park which is an Ancient buried Kauri Forest and even though closed you could still have a look around.

I finally made the Kauri museum at Matakohe before heading to Warkworth then Auckland.

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