Rocky Mountaineer Day I

Well at 06.50 we headed off to the station to get the train to Kamloops on the 1st leg of the trip. A most wonderful start to the trip was at the rail station as this was the launch of the season’s trains. Piped on board with the bagpiper and treated like royalty. Soon we were on our way and a champagne/orange juice toast to set the trend. Food was exemplary and the staff could not do more to keep us comfortably entertained. The trip to Kamloops is quite interesting as you thread though an array of scenery, wildlife was still in the process of waking up and although 1 black bear was spotted the only other real stars were the osprey’s and bald eagles. I spotted an eagle perched on a rock and grabbed my camera and lo and behold he/she gave a fitting display of airmanship however stupid me had hit the wrong settings so literally was a waste. Do have some blurry shots but hopefully tomorrow when we head to Jasper there will be other opportunities.

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