Jasper, Athabasca to Lake Louise

After the tour of the first morning I was treated to an excursion by Rocky Mountaineer to a ride on the SkyTram…..a seven minute journey up a mountain (2,700mtr) to view the “alpine tundra”. Heart in mouth at the tramway end you could then ascend by foot to the summit. Not Moi, it was however an enthralling view of which I hope that you can enjoy some of the photos. Camera shake was actual knees knocking at the thought of the downward journey. Back down at ground level I was then taken to view ( not keen on playing with the potential of Grizzlies) of Canada’s no1 golf course. Next trip I want to play.

The following day (weather was yuck!) we headed off to Lake Louise (by coach) via several photo opportunity spots and a detour to the Athabasca ice field. Fortunately on the way the weather improved and by the time we got on the ice field it was perfect. After an hour we then meandered down to Lake Louise where the weather was again a little disappointing but it did try to snow.  I cannot forget our bus driver Mike, his humour and commentary was without doubt amazing, never bored of hearing him tell stories or explain where and what. Especially the bear recognition system and what to do if challenged!!!

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