Bentley with Nicky

When I came to Nicky’s I said to myself that I must get a photo of a Robin. Set the camera with the 200mm lens and had everything by the door ready for action, what I didn’t give any thought to though was the Robin’s being camera savy…. Every time that they would land on the feeder, by the time I got the camera in my hands …..Gone. To Nicky’s amusement I got p one morning and there is all its glory at the side window a Robin with a bulging red breast looking at me. I’ll sware it was taking the proverbial out of me. Still what I have learnt is that I don’t have the patience for birdlife photography.

So Nicky says cheer up bro, we can go down to the reservoir where there will be multitudes of birds. OK what we didn’t envisage is the bloody robin going ahead and telling the rest of the community that we were on the way. I will swear that every time that I got close enough to do any type of shot they flew, waddled or swam in the opposite direction. Still it was fun at the same time


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