After a fantastic couple of days it was time to head back to the mainland and Invercargill. I was interested to se Burt Monro’s place of residence and his bike. I stayed at the Railway Hotel which has been refurbished without spoiling the ambience that it had in earlier years.

But the aim of the stop was to see the Fastest Little Indian. I was surprised to find an amazing eclectic exhibitions in a hardware store but believe me when I say it is well worth the time to walk round without having to pay any monies. A credit to The Hayes family for their generosity. Burt Monro (I have decided) must have been not only an amazing mechanic but also a fearless man to have ridden this bike.untitled (7 of 58)

When you look at what was involved and what he sat on……….

Below is a snapshot of some of the other bikes that are on display. I hope you enjoy.

Finally around the corner from the Hays display is the Motorcycle Mecca museum which host the largest amount of Motorbikes, sidecars and memorabilia in NZ. I was whisked back to my mid teens when I saw the Messchersmitt which is a car that I used to drive in the fields of a friends farm..oh! the joys of youth.



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